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Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary rescues 35 dogs from puppy mill

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Some readers may already know that Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary just rescued 35 dogs from a puppy mill. Anyone following this or other stories about a puppy mill rescue understand the dogs are in need of immediate medical care as well as personal attention.

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Those who are familiar with Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia are aware that this is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Animal Sanctuary with as many as 1,500 animals in their care.

It is unfortunate that situations exist for animals of any sort where groups like Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary has to get involved to save the animals from a horrible existence. Now Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary must turn to others for donations to continue their work with these dogs.

Those able to assist by donating online may visit Crowdrise to give what they can. Anyone wanting to make a donation of items can view the wish list for Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary.

The rescue that Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary cooperated in that landed 35 dogs from a puppy mill in their hands involved what is considered a puppy mill being shut down by law enforcement. When this happens, it is typical that the dogs will need vaccinations, heartworm treatments and many will need immediate medical care in addition to microchips.

According to photos from Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary which are shared here, the dogs were not cared for properly for months. Some dogs were malnourished and dehydrated. At this time not all of the dogs could be identified by breed because they are in need of grooming.

Readers may learn more information about Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary and ways individuals and groups may help by viewing details on their site.

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