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No tears, no cheers and no more Piers

One month ago, Bellevue-based gun rights advocate Alan Gottlieb, reacting to CNN host Piers Morgan’s announcement that he was leaving the air, suggested that Morgan “take the short cut home,” and last night, the bombastic Brit took a parting shot at gun owners and their rights, and he missed.

CNN's bombastic Brit Piers Morgan bade farewell to viewers Friday, but not before sneering once again at American firearms owners.
Angela Weiss/Getty Images

But America’s firearms fraternity, including the folks at Seattle Guns, will not likely miss Morgan, who spent his final four minutes on the air Friday blasting the right that they contend has kept this nation free — and saved his nation more than once — by insisting that guns belong “on a military battlefield…not in the hands of civilians.” His remarks can be viewed here and are also available at The Gun Wire.

Perhaps that’s what Morgan’s ancestors thought on that April 19 afternoon on their long march back from Concord and Lexington, when civilians with guns in their hands pursued Redcoats with powder and ball all the way back to Boston. It was the first attempt at government gun control on American soil, and it didn’t work out too well.

Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said in late February that Morgan “just can’t control his nasty temperament toward the right to keep and bear arms. Maybe he holds a grudge about Lexington and Concord.”

“One doesn’t endear himself to people by sneering at them, or their freedoms,” Gottlieb said.

Considering last night’s closing monologue, Morgan didn’t get the message. It was not the first time Gottlieb had reacted to one of Mr. Morgan's anti-gun rants.

Morgan claimed last night that every day, an average of 35 people are “murdered with guns.” Break out the pocket calculator and that comes up to 12,775 homicide victims, but like other anti-gunners, Morgan took a little liberty with the numbers. He lumped all homicides, including the ones not involving firearms, into the mix. Check the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

“When you are a guest in another country,” Gottlieb said in February, “you really shouldn’t spit on their constitutional rights or their traditions, but he seemed to go out of his way to do exactly that.”

That’s the marvelous thing about this country that Morgan claims to admire so much. Everybody gets their say, even when they repeatedly do it with foot in mouth.

But the America Morgan seems to envision is one where people cower in fear behind locked doors, curtained windows and high-minded platitudes about “gun safety.” These could not be the same Americans with whom Mr. Morgan’s military brother would share a trench “when the going gets tough.” The Americans to whom Mr. Morgan’s brother refers would not give up their rights so easily as Piers would have it.

“Now it’s down to you,” Morgan said in closing. “It’s your country; these are your gun laws.”

He’s right, gun advocates would reply. It’s our country, our laws, and he’s a guest. He can remain here and act like a guest, or he can go to someone else’s country and annoy them for a while.


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