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No Maya, no Lisa, no women as 'Ice Road Truckers,' Season 6 debuts

"Ice Road Truckers" (IRT) Season 6 premieres tonight, Sunday, June 3, on the History Channel at 9 p.m. EDT. There's a big change in store from Season 5 to Season 6, though, as for the first time since season 2, the series goes all-male.

Lisa Kelly
Lisa Kelly

Lisa Kelly was on the show from Season 3 to Season 5. She also appeared on the spin-off, "IRT: Deadliest Roads" in its first two seasons. Last year, Maya Sieber joined the IRT series as a second female driver.

Although "Reality TV" seems a draw for basic cable and network TV viewers nowadays (though it's not as though no reality TV series ever get canceled), in a job mostly associated with men, it's not hard to believe that the inclusion of two good-looking women in the series had something to do with ratings, reality TV or no reality TV.

As an example, last year when Maya Sieber, 27, was introduced on the show, interviews from local news stations titled "Ice Road Trucker Maya Sieber sexy legs and high heels" were done and then posted on YouTube (and indeed, the interview showed off Sieber's attractive legs). Another point: Lisa Kelly, 31, is the only IRT driver with a Wikipedia page.

Was sex appeal involved in having them on the show? Whether or not it was the initial decision, it was clearly something used to sell both the show and Sieber and Kelly. Sieber's own webpage has hand-autographed photos of her, at least one in a bikini. Kelly's site has a store, as well, but no photos in a bikini.

It's unclear about Sieber, but Kelly doesn't appear to hurting for income, as her Facebook page shows a number of appearances upcoming for her. It also shows a number of comments expressing disappointment that she will not be in Season 6.

Some are apparently just coming to know of the missing women, but back in February, Dave Redmon, who appeared on IRT in Season 5 but was ultimately fired, posted a video claiming Lisa Kelly had quit the show. Naturally, Redmon had a contentious time on the show, but he was right on with his claim; he's also claimed a lot of the show is faked.

The video is posted in the sidebar.

With no Lisa and no Maya, how will the show fare? Ratings will tell, and once again, "Ice Road Truckers" (IRT) Season 6 premieres tonight, Sunday, June 3, on the History Channel at 9 p.m. EDT.