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No-fry French fries recipe

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Craving those salty straws with the crispy outer layer and soft inside?

Instead of driving to the nearest fast food joint or picking up a frozen bag at the super market, make them at home.

Here is a healthier method that is guaranteed to satisfy your craving.

You will save hundreds of calories just by using the oven to bake them to golden perfection instead of submerging them in piping hot oil.

Take your potatoes (sweet potato substitution is most definitely allowed) and scrub them clean in the sink.

Dry them off, and cut each in half; lengthwise. From there, chop them into the fry size of your choice. Shoe-string fries require a thinner cut than wedge fries.

Once you have sliced your potatoes into fry form, place them on an oven baking pan, and lightly drizzle over with extra virgin olive oil.

Sprinkle a dash of both salt and pepper over the fry pan, then place in the 450 degree oven to bake for 40-45 minutes.

Note that the thinner fry cut, the shorter the time in the oven; so keep an eye on it. Once they are fully golden brown and just starting to brown on the edges, then they are done.

Bring them out of the heat and immediately dash with more salt and pepper, and a hint of basil.