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Nine is Fine : Meet your neighbors and make plans to vote

Meet your neighbors, have current voting credentials, make sure to get to the polls.
Meet your neighbors, have current voting credentials, make sure to get to the polls.
rock the vote Dr. Ed Shadid shared a number of simple, fact based instructions about making certain voters are accurately and currently registered to vote in Oklahoma in order to participate in the OKC Mayoral Race 2014. Core information about registering to vote in OKLAHOMA is in the above link

In addition to Dr. Shadid's suggestions there are a couple of things that make sense to increase community awareness.

Much of Oklahoma City adult population has a limited if any relationship to the Internet and hard core electronic social media use. So here are some face to face contact methods that may solve some of the hit and miss of canvassing electronic messages.

1.) One is something Dr. Shadid suggested at his Candidacy celebration event on Friday, January 31, 2014... Which is that all of OKC make contact with the persons in their telephones, and invite peers, friends, colleagues and family to confirm registrations and vote.

The Flower Garden Park District has enlisted that strategy, adding also to connect with email contacts.

2.) Separate from that, to engender a resource from the Central Oklahoma Neighborhood Alliance ( that is used for networking safety and communications in neighborhoods) is this card.

This card can be printed and shared with neighbors, so readers can update their interpersonal contacts, and help one another work on getting that crucial discussion going about the election pending.

The suggested pattern for passing this card to the three houses before the residence of the reader, two beside the residence and three behind the reader residence. This technique, "9 is Fine" helps increase communications, awareness and connections.

A reader confirming their own voting registration has value, but also asking neighbors in the patterns above, or in a broader reach helps people be mindful to check their voter registration for current use and accuracy. Providing that same inquiry within a social circle or community merely expands the effective reach.

3.) Some people need a ride to the polls on election day and are reluctant to ask. If readers who can accomodate, please extend invitations like this early, so that voters of all kinds will make it to the polls.

Oklahoma City had about 30,000 people vote in the last Mayoral Election, and there are about 600,000 people who are residents of OKC. The projected number of registered voters in Oklahoma City is 68%, with a sharp drop off from there as to who actually makes it to the polls for any given voting.

4.) A final tool can be used by anyone, anywhere in the United States and makes a decent conversation starter for those who may have experienced a dip in curiosity

And ROCK the VOTE is a mostly youth related campaign that has similar national value.

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