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Night of the White Buffalo is another winner from Coel

Coel brings Wind River Mystery fans another winner.
Coel brings Wind River Mystery fans another winner.
Berkley (September 2, 2014). Used with permission

“Night of the White Buffalo” is A Wind River Mystery from New York Times Bestselling author Margaret Coel. The story relies on historical Native American beliefs that the white buffalo is a sacred blessing, a sign the Creator is among the people, who appears whenever the people need help.

When an unknown cowboy confesses to murder, Father John O’Malley is determined to learn more about the crime, but before he can take action, the cowboy disappears. Father John is haunted by the confession when he is called to the scene of a murder two months later. He learns from the victim’s widow, Sheila Carey, that a white buffalo calf was recently born on their ranch.

Attorney Vicky Holden is in the process of defending Arnie Walksfast on an assault charge when she learns that he and his Arapaho drinking buddies have been shooting at pick-ups of white cowboys hired on Carey’s ranch. Arnie claims he and his friends only want to scare the cowboys off and says they have not killed anyone. When Arnie leaves rehab and another murder occurs, Vicky is skeptical that Arnie is telling her the truth and wonders if he is capable of murder.

Eventually, Father John and Vicky learn that three cowboys who had been hired on at the Carey’s ranch are missing. Vicky, concerned that her client is in much deeper than he claims, joins forces with Father John in hopes of getting to the truth about the murders, the missing cowboys, and her client’s involvement.

Fans of the Wind River Mystery series will find “Night of the White Buffalo” hard to put down. With well-developed characters and evocative descriptions, this 18th installment in the series is another example of Coel’s prowess as a writer. Once again, authentic dialogue combines with historical fact to create an authentic, exciting read.

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