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Nick Uhas of ‘Big Brother’ fame begins new science web series ‘Nickipedia’

Nick Uhas, who was voted out week two of “Big Brother” season 15, has begun a new web series that answers “the web’s most asked questions through SCIENCE!!!” according to his YouTube page. The new series’ producer, Matt Nicholas, stated via email on April 22, 2014, that the new show is free of drama and former “Big Brother” house guests, unlike Nick’s former YouTube venture.

Nick Uhas of 'Big Brother' fame begins a new web series entitled 'Nickipedia.'
Nick Uhas/YouTube

The first and only episode so far of the series called “Nickipedia” is currently available and features Nick explaining in less than four minutes why grass is green. The clip is informative, interesting, and lively, which makes a subject that could be dry and boring into an interesting, cool explanation of chlorophyll and spectrums of light.

Previously, Nick created and starred in the Kickstarter funded YouTube series “You Know YouTube” in which he toured the country meeting up with “Big Brother” and other reality show alumni. He also interviewed a number of notable names, including fashion designer Betsey Johnson and singer Tamar Braxton.

Nick remained a household name for much of the summer in 2013, as fellow “Big Brother” house guest, GinaMarie Zimmerman – the second-place winner of the season – kept his memory alive due to the massive crush she had on him. Despite leaving just the second week of the show, viewers were reminded of Nick constantly as GinaMarie lamented over his leaving and could not wait to reunite with him when the series concluded.

The two hung out several times after “Big Brother” ended, but it appeared the crush was one-sided and their association seemed to come to a halt after Nick appeared in a YouTube video promoting the “Reality TV Awards” that seemed to be mocking GinaMarie’s adoration for him. After the clip hit the web, GinaMarie tweeted, “i don’t understand some people. I mean u care about some1 so much, they just s*** on u, laugh & make fun of how u feel, its just makes me sick.”

Although some former “Big Brother” cast members rallied around GinaMarie with tweets of support, a number of her followers questioned her feelings for Nick since she only really knew him for two weeks prior to his eviction.

Overall, Nick’s premiere episode of “Nickipedia” has been praised by YouTubers who, so far, have left only favorable comments about the series. PKLucas531 wrote, “nick you executed that uhas nicely,” while vona03 noted, “My students would like this,” and D Sciomni commented, “mind blown.”

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