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Newton natural running clinic at Charm City Run this Thursday

Ever wondered what it's like to run in a Newton? This Thursday, September 22, Charm City Run will host a Newton natural running form clinic at 6:30 pm at its location in Annapolis. Here is your chance to learn from the experts how and why running in Newton shoes may be beneficial to you.

Newton shoe

The Newton shoe is in a league of its own. The anatomy of the shoe is what defines its unique ability to give you a different, and most times, more efficient running form. Newton shoes have two distinct features that make it different from the rest.

First, there are four lugs placed at the middle portion of the shoe. This causes the runner to strike on the mid-foot first, thus taking the impact off the heel which can cause a chain reaction up the leg and potentially lead to injury.

Second, the heel is slightly lower than other running shoes. This again forces the runner to land on the mid-foot first and roll back onto the heel.

It is important for someone who is considering Newton shoes to be assessed by a running shoe expert. Juda McGannon, seven-time IronMan and Newton running educator, will be instructing the clinic in Annapolis. "I want runners to come away with the basic concepts of natural running and the tools they can use to help improve their running form."

The clinic will allow you to test drive a pair of Newtons and be assessed by an expert to show you how to properly run in your Newton. Go to the Newton website for more information. Watch the video to learn more about Newton running.


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