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News from the Mobile TV Examiner for Monday, August 18th, 2014 (updated)

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  • Comcast Cablevision of Mobile's cable TV system started relaying digital sub-channel programming from WFGX-TV on a regular basis again sometime between this past Sunday, August 17th, and today since they had started using a digital sub-channel again this past July to broadcast programming from the national TV programming service getTV (digital set-top boxes connected to the cable TV system would initially display the word "Cool" in their information graphics for the cable TV channel with the programming (channel 182) unlike the digital transport adapters that would display the word "GETV" in their information graphics for the channel since the same channel was used to provide WFGX-TV's broadcast of Cool Network Network programming for the same sub-channel until the sub-channel's deactivation back in August 2012).
  • Peter Albrecht of WKRG-TV's news department and Derrick Rose of WPMI-TV's news department joined the recent Internet trend that involved folks accepting challenges to either have buckets of ice dumped over their own heads or donate money to organizations specialized in helping folks with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (also known as ALS) and having the same challenge passed to other folks (you may access videos of Peter Albrecht and Derrick Rose fulfilling their challenges by selecting their names between these parentheses. You may also access videoes of other local broadcasters who joined the trend by selecting this link).

(update for Tuesday, August 19th: the text "GetTV" took the place of "Cool" in the channel information graphics for the digital set-top boxes)

(note about a correction: the Mobile TV Examiner article titled "Commentary: Consequences of local TV stations having the same owners" was corrected due to the word "not" being left out of its first paragraph by mistake)

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