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New Xbox 720 details surface, dismisses always online and no used games rumors

Xbox 720
Xbox 720

New information regarding Microsoft’s next-generation home console – codenamed Durango – surfaced on April 10 which suggest that recent rumors proposing that the Xbox 720 will require an always on connection to the internet are in fact false.

Likewise, details about backwards compatibility for the Next Xbox have come forth which hint at the possibility that Microsoft’s next-generation home console will support backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 software, however, it will require a special add-on device.

On Wednesday, April 10, new information about Microsoft’s Xbox 720 – Durango – came to light as VGLeaks reports that Microsoft will offer an add-on for the Xbox 720 to allow users to play their Xbox 360 games.

This add-on will be networked with the Xbox 720 – Durango – to allow for backwards compatibility to all Xbox 360 software – meaning XBLA, digital, and retail Xbox 360 games will be supported. It is said to be similar to the HD-DVD add-on Microsoft released for Xbox 360.

Additionally, the rumors of an always online requirement for Xbox 720 are apparently false. The system itself will always be online, but it will not be a requirement to play local content nor will it prevent people from playing used games.


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