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New weapon, fixes added in today's 'Warframe' update

Personal screenshots from Warframe
Personal screenshots from Warframe
Digital Extremes

Although not a massively multiplayer game, the sci-fi shooter, "Warframe," has all the makings of a great co-op game. Thousands of players are not persistent in a shared world but instead find each other, four at a time, to complete missions. Warframe and weapon leveling are persistent and progression can be found in blueprint hunting, weapon collecting, and more. Today, "Warframe" players can look forward to a new weapon type and plenty of fixes.

A screenshot of mission selection in Warframe
Digital Extremes

With update 7.9.0 the Glaive was added to the Tenno's arsenal. This weapon is placed in the melee slot but can also be thrown. It can be purchased from the Market for 150 Platinum; about $10. Players that don't want to spend real money on the Glaive can pick up the blueprints from alerts.

Alongside the Glaive, a number of fixes were made to "Warframe" with the update. Highlights include changes to shotguns to add fall-off damage, a new animation to dual dagger attacks, and a number of fixes to several warframes' abilities. The full patch notes can be found on the official forums.

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