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New tag team champions crowned at NWA SAW

New NWA Southern Tag Team champions, Team IOU (Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy).
Lekisha Oliver

Friday night was a night of action in Millersville, TN.

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling celebrated their seventh anniversary in style with St. Valentine's Day Massacre. But the action inside the ring made the fans scream for excitement with every ringing of the bell.

But the ones screaming for joy the most was the new NWA Southern Tag Team Champions, Team IOU! Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful were a surprise addition for Mayhem's Hammerjack and Gator McAlister. While Mayhem did ask for competition, the duo did not foresee Team IOU pinning them to become the new NWA Southern Tag Team Champions.

As of Saturday morning, the words are already flying over social media. Mayhem's manager, Brother Brew, has responded to Team IOU saying, "Enjoy them while you can."

The packed SAW Mill also saw the crowning of a new NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion. In the triple gauntlet of titles, Jason Kincaid kept his NWA Smokey Mountain Heavyweight Championship, Shawn Shultz kept his NWA SAW Television Championship, but Chase Owens lost his NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship to Jason Kincaid! Kincaid now holds two of the top titles in the NWA southern region. But after Kincaid's hand was raised in victory, he was hit from behind with a chair by Lance Erikson!

The NWA World Tag Team titles were on the line Friday night when the NWA World Tag Team Champions, The Iron Godz (Rob Conway and Jax Dane) took on the Lords of Kaos (Damien Wayne and Lance Erikson). While the Iron Godz just returned having defended the titles in Japan, on Friday night, they would face off against one of the most decorated tag teams in the United States, the Lords of Kaos. While words between the four men have been flying with threats, it would be the action in the ring that would decide the NWA World Tag Team Championship. The action was a showcase of true tag team wrestling with all four men giving 110% and giving the crowd an amazing end of the night. While the Iron Godz walked away with the titles, the Lords of Kaos showed that they were ready.

After the match ended, the four men acknowledged each other's prowess in the ring and left as equals. Lance Erikson released the following on Saturday morning:

"Well I just wanna take the time this early morning to say it was an honor to face the IronGodz last night - there is no shame in losing to one of if not the the best team in the world. Rob Conway II and Jax Dane are class acts all the way and two of the toughest SOB`S that the LOK has ever had the opportunity to share a ring with. On this night The Godz were just a little better than the LOK. It was a hard hitting, high impact, very physical match in which myself and Damien came up just a little short. All this does is make us train and work even harder. There will be another day and another rematch between The Godz and The Lords but until that time believe me we have nothing but the utmost respect for these two guys but I think just maybe we earned their respect also as being one of the best tag teams in the world....good luck to the Godz and keep carrying the torch for tag team wrestling in the NWA and nothing but the best to you both....until next time WELCOME TO VIOLENCE.."

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling will be in Millersville, TN on Friday, February 21, 2014, for more wrestling action.

For more information on NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling, visit them on Facebook and by clicking here.

Quick results from NWA SAW:

NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling - SAW Mill, Millersville, TN - L. T. Falk def. Sigmon; Weatherbys def. Wild Boys; Chris Richards vs. Jocepus Brody with Abriella went a no contest; Team IOU def. Mayhem to become the new NWA Southern Tag Team Champions; Charles Alexander def. Josh Crow, Shane Smalls, and Kaden Sade; Jason Kincaid def. Shawn Shultz and Chase Owens to retain the NWA Smokey Mountain title; Shawn Shultz def. Chase Owens and Jason Kincaid to retain the NWA SAW Television championship; Jason Kincaid def. Chase Owens and Shawn Shultz to become the new NWA Southern Heavyweight champion; the Iron Godz def. The Lords of Kaos to retain the NWA World Tag Team Titles (2-14-14).

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