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New ‘State of Decay’ gameplay details emerge for the upcoming zombie game

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Undead Labs answered a round of community questions yesterday, revealing new details for their upcoming zombie game, “State of Decay.” New gameplay elements were discussed pertaining to how players will control their community of survivors during the zombie apocalypse.

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In order to take direct control of a survivor, players will have to earn enough trust with the character that they are considered a “family’ member in game terms. Reputation can be built for each survivor based upon actions in-game to make that specific character as happy and satisfied as can be expected in a world where the dead walk the earth. Once a survivor has been raised to the level of a family member, players may directly take control of that character at any time. All family members can be switched between active control by either directly talking to them or via the game’s Journal menu. Survivors below the “family” level of reputation may only be set on tasks where the game’s A.I. controls the character as opposed to the player.

While there will be a limited number of survivors that a player can rescue in “State of Decay,” certain NPCs will provide information that can lead to a series of task which players can undertake in order to bring in new survivors. This allows those who have managed to get a large number of their characters killed a chance to bring in fresh meat. Theoretically, players can rescue every survivor in a map but they would then have to be able to house and feed each individual person. This can be tasking on resources and time.

As for the home base, gamers may only set up one at a time. While they can move location of their base, players won’t be able to establish a second base. However, each base can support a number of outposts depending on the size of the base. Outposts can be buildings guarded with survivors and be used as supply drops. No facilities can be placed on an outpost except for the supply storage. This makes outposts ideal for equipping survivors against the hordes of zombies when away from home base.

State of Decay” is currently under development by Undead Labs and Microsoft Studios and will release for Xbox Live Arcade at an undisclosed date.

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