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New social search engine app Jelly now available for download

Let's just hope your friends are as smart as you think they are.
Let's just hope your friends are as smart as you think they are.

Twitter co-founder, Biz Stone, has revealed his work on a new social search engine app called Jelly. Jelly is an app devoted to asking questions and getting answers from either your immediate or extended social network. The concept sounds vastly different than a traditional search engine, but loosely similar to what Google attempted to do with their foray into social networking with Google+. Still, Jelly stands on its own as a simple app available today for iOS and Android alike.

Even in an era when the Internet is at our fingertips and Googling is a recognized verb, people still seem to post their questions online to their friends on Facebook or Twitter. While the practice is typically frowned upon in online forums, the users of which loathe answering the same questions over and over, it tends to evoke results on social media. People like to show others they know something. Going further than or Klout, Jelly users are able to snap a picture of whatever he or she may have a question about. The idea, as explained by the promotional video, is that friends in a user’s social network may recall their knowledge on the subject to answer any given question. However, if no one knows the answer directly, chances are they may know someone who does, or perhaps they know someone who knows someone who does.

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