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New Skullgirls character revealed (Photos)

Squigly (right) is a new character in Skullgirls.
Squigly (right) is a new character in Skullgirls.
Screenshot from the EightySixed channel., the biggest online forum for fighting games, has been helping raise money for breast cancer with an EVO 2013 donation drive. There will be eight games at this year's EVO tournament (Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Mortal Kombat 9, Street Fighter X Tekken 2013, King of Fighters XIII, and Persona 4 Arena are currently in the lineup).

Squigly vs Squigly
Screenshot from the EightySixed channel.

The eighth game was to be decided by this donation drive. The game whose community raised the most money by the end of the month will be included at the tournament. So gamers not only help to get their favorite game in one of the biggest competitive fighting game tournaments of the year, they also help raise money to fight breast cancer.

The game that raised the most money when the dust settled ended up being Super Smash Bros. Melee with over $94,000 raised. Skullgirls raised the second highest amount with over $78,000. Several other games also raised noteworthy amounts with Street Fighter II Super Turbo bringing in over $39,000, MLP: Fighting is Magic over $5,200, and Dead or Alive 5 had over $1,900 donated.

During a livestream event to help raise funds on the EightySixed channel earlier tonight, Project Lead / Designer Mike Zaimont and Creative Director Alex Ahad revealed actual gameplay of a new character named Squigly for the first time ever as a "thank you" to fans.

Squigly is an upcoming DLC character and can be seen in the image above. She was never completed because the development team were all laid off after the publisher of the game was hit with a lawsuit. Squigly doesn't have any attack animations and many of her movement animations aren't even fully colored.

Apparently the team have finally gotten the go-ahead and funding to finish the patch and fully release Squigly as a new playable character.

More information about her will become available in the coming weeks but the guys on the stream described her personality as "very cute but can be serious when she needs to be. She has a dark past but is a bit higher class. She moves with a lot of grace." Squigly is dead (or more accurately undead) and also plays host to a powerful ancient parasite called "Leviathan." Despite having her mouth sewn shut, she can still apparently speak but it will sound weird and "ghostly." Leviathan can also supposedly talk.

This news will definitely make fans of Skullgirls very happy.


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