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New look Bungee tags still a necessity for your devices

Bungee Tags get a refresh and a guarantee
Bungee Tags get a refresh and a guarantee

Back last March, I reviewed Bungee tags, a sticker you put on your devices, or any piece of property you don't want to lose that allows someone that finds it to send a text message to Bungee and the owner of the property will be notified that is has been found.

Well, Bungee tags are back (actually, they never went away) and re-branded and re-packaged to make it look even more attractive.

When Bungee is notified that an item has been found, the owner is alerted immediately that their property has been found. Bungee bridges an anonymous conversation between the two parties so that a return and exchange can be arranged. Bungee has been tested throughout the country, and even works internationally.

From best estimates, Bungee tags have an 85-90% success rate.

The system is activated by sending a simple text message and works instantly to place the the owner and finder in a live anonymous conversation so that retrieval arrangements can be made immediately. This has not been done before. The easier and faster it is to do the right thing, the more likely it is that the person will take action. It is the simplicity, speed, and direct live conversation which makes Bungee different and innovative.

Bungee is also touting their 200% guarantee, which is a statement that if you don't love Bungee tags, let them know, and within 90 days and they will give you a 100% refund and you keep 100% of the services free.

Bungee tags give you a chance to find you lost device.

Find out more about Bungee at

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