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New law in Romania calls for shelter dogs to die after two weeks

Lucky dogs who have been rescued in Romania. Thousands will die if they are at shelters for more than two weeks.
Lucky dogs who have been rescued in Romania. Thousands will die if they are at shelters for more than two weeks.
Hope for Romanian Strays Facebook

More than 187 street dogs have been killed in Bucharest under the new law stating dogs in shelters for more than 14 days that are not adopted or rescued are to be euthanized reports Thursday's

Even though 45 dogs were adopted last week, the Authority for the Supervision and Protection of Animals says a thousand dogs could be killed. The government reserves the right to decide if certain dogs should be saved after the two week time period.

In the past only sick dogs were euthanized.

The mass annihilation of an estimated 64,000 strays in the city and called by humane advocates as the biggest stray problem in Europe, began in September, 2013 when a four-year-old child, Ionut Anghel was killed by a pack of wild dogs in a city park.

Protests from Europe and the United States began as mass killings of the dogs continued in Bucharest with humane organizations and animal lovers calling it "inhumane and ineffective."

Programs to spay and neuter, which are the practical solutions to pet overpopulation of pets, have not been consistent.

The Facebook page, Hope for Romanian Strays advocates for the rescue of these innocent dogs whose only crime in the world is someone abandoned them. Many of the dogs and their offspring, wound up as strays during the communist era, as their homes were bulldozed and prefab high rises were erected. No pets were allowed. People had to flee and left their pets behind.

Today a post from Hope for Romanian Strays stated:

"Today was one of those days
8 happy lucky babies are on their way to a new happy life!!!
Felix, Sparrow, Star, Bibi, Meru, Codita, Pega and Bajana - HAVE A SAFE TRIP AND A NEW WONDERFUL LIFE!!!"

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