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New ‘Killzone Mercenary’ details surface; like a portable ‘Killzone 3’

Killzone Mercenary
Killzone Mercenary

On Sunday afternoon, new details regarding “Killzone Mercenary” for PlayStation Vita surfaced from the latest issue of Polish magazine PSX Extreme.

According to the magazine, “Killzone Mercenary” makes use of nearly the same engine as “Killzone 3” did for PlayStation 3. Guerilla Games has added some new gimmicks to the engine which allows the development team to make use of the PlayStation Vita to a greater degree -- likely referring to touch-screen game mechanics.

Visually the game is described as “gorgeous” in addition to the title having big draw distances. Character models are further described as “awesome” and the same is said for character animation. The magazine states the game is looking better than “Uncharted”, which is arguably the best looking game on PS Vita to date.

As for performance, the magazine reports that “Killzone Mercenary” performs at a stable frame-rate even when a level is highly active. PSX Extreme continues to describe the title to be similar to a “portable Killzone 3”.

Additional new information regarding “Killzone Mercenary” is expected to be shared this week on the PlayStation Blog.

A member of NeoGAF shared a breakdown of new information shared from PSX Extreme. Find the information below:

- Engine is nearly 1:1 from PS3 version
- They added a few new gimmicks to the engine, so they can utilize more PS Vita
- Game is gorgeous, clear and crispy textures, big draw distances
- Character models are awesome, the same with animation
- Stable FPS even with gigantic action inside levels
- Literally - game is like portable Killzone 3, looking better than Uncharted.


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