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New Happy Wars Title Update released

Screenshot of the Blue Knight in Happy Wars
Screenshot of the Blue Knight in Happy Wars

Toylogic Inc. released a new title update for their free-to-play game Happy Wars on Xbox LIVE Arcade today. The patch adds some new gear to the game that is a result of a collaborative effort between Happy Wars and the 2008 XBLA beat 'em up Castle Crashers.

"This collaboration has been a great honor. Castle Crashers, the creation by The Behemoth, one of the world’s greatest game developers, is one of the most popular Xbox LIVER Arcade titles," said Yoichi Take, Happy Wars Game Director, in an official press release. "I hope to deliver more collaborations like this one with other Xbox game developers too, and make the game even more enjoyable for our more than two million Happy Wars fans all over the world."

Contents of the fifth Happy Wars Title Update include new items normally worn by Blue Knight and Barbarian from Castle Crashers allowing you to look like either of these iconic characters. The new items will be given to players as rewards for playing the new "Extreme Style Match" game mode. Extreme Style Match is a new game mode with a drastically changed game balance. Players are apparently guaranteed to earn at least one of the Barbarian's gear if they have unlocked at least one of the achievements for Castle Crashers.