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New 'Halo 4' DLC announced as Champion Bundle for August

343 Industries announced surprise DLC for Halo 4 on Saturday titles the "Champion Bundle." The pack for the Xbox 360 shooter includes two new multiplayer maps, a new gametype and in-game armor and sknis.

Screenshots and Concept Art for the Halo 4 Championship Bundle DLC on the Xbox 360.
343 Industries, Microsoft

The Champions Bundle will be released on Tuesday, Aug. 20 for 800 MS Point ($10) and includes three DLC packs - Steel Skin Pack, Bullseye Pack, and Infinity Armor Pack. The three can also be purchased separately with the Bullseye Pack at 480 MS Points ($6) and the Steel Skin and Infinity Armor Packs at 240 MS Points ($3) each.

However, those that purchase the Champion Bundle will also be granted early access to the Resistor Tactical Package that comes with new weapon skins, new armor skins, and new Spartan stances for your player card.

The reason this bundle is a surprise is that Microsoft and 343 Industries previously only announced three DLC releases for Halo 4 as part of the game's Season Pass dubbed the War Games Map Pass. This Champions Bundle will not be part of the Season Pass, however.

Here is the official descriptions of the three content DLC packs that make up the Champion Bundle for Halo 4.


Dive headfirst into the exciting Bullseye Pack, which includes the brand new Ricochet game type and two new maps, Pitfall and Vertigo. In addition, Bullseye offers an entirely new armor set based on the Ricochet game type. A description of the new maps, game type, and armor mods is below:

  • NEW MAP – Pitfall: As a remake of “Halo 3”’s ‘The Pit’ - Pitfall has new features based on pro and community feedback for increased pace and flow. The map is small, symmetrical, and mostly open with strategically placed cover points. Our new game type Ricochet is also a perfect complement to this map. Play to experience a new take on an old favorite. Pitfall will incite fond memories, and new excitement.
  • NEW Map – Vertigo: Vertigo is a small, asymmetrical map that any Slayer or Extraction fan will love. But don’t let Vertigo fool you. Opposing Spartans aren’t the only thing you have to worry about in this small experimental tension conductor facility. This map is hiding a secret: Vertigo brings you the first dynamic event in a Halo multiplayer map in a very long time; the map hides a trigger point, that when shot at – depletes the shields of all Spartans within range.
  • NEW Game Type – Ricochet: For nearly a century, gravball competitions have held sway over most competitive sports across the breadth of human-occupied space. Historically, UNSC drill instructors have utilized a variant called Ricochet, where fast-paced combat simulations occur in synch with the classic, frenetic scoring competition. Spartan-IVs aboard Infinity have adopted this format recently in the ship’s impressive combat decks, incorporating a number of adjustments within the War Games simulations in order to effectively hone their skills. Protect your team’s goal and score in the other team’s goal. Running the ball into the goal earns you 50 points, while throwing the ball into the goal gets you 20 points. First team to 150 points wins.


With the Steel Skin Pack, stylize your favorite loadouts with the most elaborate and impressive “Halo 4” weapon skins to date. Inspired by classic steampunk aesthetics, the Steel Skin Pack covers the gamut with ten UNSC, Covenant, and Forerunner weapons, grafting vivid, dynamic plating and textures across your weapon-of-choice.


Stand out on the battlefield: from legendary Mjolnir and Special Forces armor to the ancient Forerunner mail of an era long passed, now is the time to update your “Halo 4” Spartan. With the Infinity Armor Pack, you get access to the vintage Mark V armor of “Halo: Combat Evolved,” the rugged armor worn by the battle-hardened ODSTs, and a hybrid Forerunner armor system used by their civilization’s Prefects more than 100,000 years ago. A description of each set of armor is below:

  • Mark V Armor: The vintage Mjolnir Mark V system was first worn by SPARTAN-II super-soldiers in 2525, at the start of the Covenant War. Although many of those wearing it customized the system’s helmet and molding architecture, the standard line stridently remained one of the most common armor systems in the years that followed. Some contemporary Spartan-IVs have requisitioned this GEN1 system with modified components to meet stringent GEN2 standards.
  • Prefect Armor: Research on the Forerunner shield world of Onyx, now called Trevelyan, has cultivated numerous findings for the Office of Naval Intelligence. One of the most practical was the discovery of a native armor system, utilized by Forerunner Prefects late into their civilization’s history. The Watershed Division leveraged local Huragok to reverse-engineer the original designs, grafting the abandoned armor system into baseline Mjolnir standards for Spartan-IV use.
  • ODST Armor: With the heavy influx of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers into the SPARTAN-IV program, the resurrection of the earlier GEN1 Mjolnir variant was inevitable. While quite distinct from the armor afforded to the average ODST in the field, the GEN2 system utilizes many of the features common to Special Forces suits, making it agreeable to those familiar with them.

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