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New Falcon's Fury drop tower gets counterweights at Busch Gardens Tampa

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Falcon's Fury is coming together quickly at Busch Gardens Tampa, since it's slated to open later this year. Its latest milestone is the arrival of the counterweights that will counterbalance the ride vehicle in a similar fashion to how elevators work. Click the slideshow accompanying this article for some photos of this latest construction work.

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Hundreds of lead blocks are being used to create the counterweight in 150 pound increments. It will eventually weight a whopping 68 tons. The weight is needed to pull riders up the tower to a height of nearly 300 feet before they plummet face first back down to earth.

Falcon's Fury adds a new element to the park's arsenal of thrill rides. It's heavy on popular roller coasters like SheiKra, Cheetah Hunt, and Montu, but a face-down freefall tower that rises more than 30 stories up in the sky is a definite change of pace.

Jump to this article see a full video of last year's announcement of the Falcon's Fury project. Its namesake birds were on hand at that announcement; you can meet them by jumping to this article.

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