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New England gun control freaks 'paint themselves into a corner'

Citizens are smuggling newly forbidden weapons into states that have outlawed them.
Citizens are smuggling newly forbidden weapons into states that have outlawed them.
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The gun control freaks of the New England states who are determined to negate all Constitutional protections of the firearms rights of citizens have "painted themselves into a corner," says a nationally recognized gun rights activists.

Mike Vanderboegh, investigative blogger and a leader in the liberty movement, stated that if politicians and law enforcement in Connecticut carry their goals to their natural conclusion, they will tip their hand, showing to their constituents just how extremist they really are.

Vanderboegh states that the tactics of the gun rights and liberty movement are designed to smoke out and expose the tyrants in Connecticut:

...the absolute powerlessness of the forces of state violence to actually enforce an unenforceable law without roadblocks and extremely intrusive methods which will alienate their own population (i.e registered voters). And second, to goad them into taking those measures which will demonstrate their fundamental unAmerican, Gestapo tactics to their political loss. They painted themselves into this corner.

Thus, the remedy, says Vanderboegh, is his four point plan to Defy, Resist, Evade, Smuggle.

Regarding the smuggling issue, the plan is to smuggle as many of the newly forbidden items as possible into the states that have passed stringent gun control laws in the hysteria following the shooting in Newton, Conn. Items that have been outlawed include certain types of guns and magazines. Strict limits are placed on the number of bullets that can be placed into the magazines.

The result has been that hundreds of citizens in free states have committed themselves to send to citizens in the anti-freedom states the very items their politicians have banned. Vanderboegh has already helped in the effort to that end in Colorado, Connecticut, New York, and other states. Now he is turning his sights toward New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.

And the process of conducting this smuggling is much easier than it seems, despite the obvious dangers involved. Vanderboegh writes,

I have been asked how it is that we get banned material behind enemy lines in the Northeast. There is no particular secret as to the porousness of the borders of these five states, CT, MD, NJ, NY & now RI. A glance at the map will tell you that all are vulnerable to seaborne smuggling, as the prohibitionists of the 20s found out the hard way. Overland, eastern Pennsylvania makes a perfect staging area for private vehicle shipments, as does VT and NH. UPS, FedEx and the USPS all still function quite well for direct shipments to volunteers behind enemy lines to and from blind addresses. Mostly this involves friend to friend transfers, arranged surreptitiously face to face and almost impossible to trace.

Although no timeline has been provided on these movements of concerned patriots, the word is that a major smuggling initiative is set to commence in the Spring and Summer of this year.


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