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New ‘Dark Souls 2’ multiplayer, story, tutorial and world details revealed (Photos)

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Several new multiplayer, story, tutorial and world details have been revealed on Jan. 31 in regards to the upcoming multiplatform title, “Dark Souls 2.” According to a user from the Gamespot forum, the latest video game from the “Dark Souls” series was featured in the latest OXM issue. You can check out some screens from the sequel in the slideshow at the top of this article and the details below.

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The game directors want the story of “Dark Souls 2,” which takes place in a “large cove near the ocean,” to be clearer but they still would like to avoid using cut scenes to tell it. Players can also have a direct effect on the plot by choosing whether or not to kill non-playable characters. In terms of multiplayer, the sequel will feature the same sever-based online as “Demon’s Souls.” Finally, a full-fledged tutorial that explains the game’s unique mechanics may also be included.

“Dark Souls 2” is currently in development for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. You can pre-order the action role-playing game in the following link: “Dark Souls 2”