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New color trends on the horizon for 2014

According to House Beautiful magazine, 2014 promises to be a year of color. No more drab and dank colors, this year its all about serenity, the tropics and patterns! Yep, we've gone through the greys, the beiges, and every variation of them but now, the shift is coming. We're in desperate need for warmth and tropical influences since most of the country has been battling record breaking deep freezes. So what are the shades, color trends and design changes for 2014, get ready you're about to go on vacation, and get jazzy all at the same time.

Caribbean inspired blues and greens are making a splash in décor this year urging homeowners to step out of the safe zone and try a serene blend of cool blues and greens, as well as warm blues and greens. Bright white is still the optimal complimentary trim color, however we're also seeing dark browns and blacks being used with the cool blues and greens as well. With the warm shades of blues and greens, we're also seeing calming creams and vanilla trim coming into play as well. The idea this year is to migrate into a space that feels like a vacation, offering relaxation without compromising style and lively color.

Mixing and mismatching prints used to be a no no- but in the world of design, rules were made to be broken and we're seeing a shift with regards to what is acceptable and what isn't. We've lived through the stripes and floral mix and match design styles, and now in 2014 we're seeing geometrical patterns, back up on the walls with exciting new styles of wall paper with contrasting patterns to compliment as window treatments and accessories. Spring green is also making a showing in many kitchens, sunrooms and bedrooms using interesting shapes, lines and patterns. The common denominators are in the colors, not the individual patterns, the result for some may be busy, but for others it can be a complete expression of your inner design rebel.

These concepts in design free up the design spirit in us all as we move into an era that becomes more about making ours homes suit our own tastes and less about pleasing the majority of people in the world. Since the housing market experienced a significant drop in recent years most homeowners now are staying put, and as such are going back to designing homes they love to suit their tastes rather than trying to appease potential low balling buyers. If you can't move, love where you live and that means creating a design, color scheme and aesthetic that appeals to you first. Have fun this year. 2014 says experiment with tropic flavors and patterns. Be happy, don't worry!

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