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New Carrier Command: Gaea Mission screenshots released

Screenshot from Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Screenshot from Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

Some new screenshots of the upcoming Xbox 360 game Carrier Command: Gaea Mission were released today. Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is considered a remake of the 1988 classic Carrier Command.

Gaea Mission uses some of the core gameplay mechanics of the original game and also adds in lots of new gameplay features such as the ability to take control of any vehicle at any time. While the carrier remains an integral part of the upcoming title, another big difference is that Gaea Mission takes place on the planet-moon Taurus instead of Earth.

“When I started The Producers in 1988, which is now part of Mastertronic, Carrier Command was one of the first games we worked on for Rainbird, so it feels right that we have secured the rights to this highly anticipated re-imagining follow up, almost a quarter of a century later," said Andy Payne of Mastertronic in an official press release.

“Bohemia Interactive are one of the hottest developers in the business at the moment, and we’re thrilled to be working with them. Fans of the original will be pleased to know Carrier Command: Gaea Mission retains everything that made it such an inspiration back in 1988. Newcomers to the game will be blown away.”

Gaea Mission currently has an expected release date of September 28th. It will be on both Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the newly released screenshots in the slide show above.


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