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Nevada rancher wins: Drudge has last laugh on Media Matters report

Nevada rancher wins: Drudge has last laugh on Media Matters report
Photo by Evan Agostini/Getty Images

On Friday the founder of the Drudge Report was blasted on Media Matters for fanning flames of violence by promoting the story of the stand-off between Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, and the federal government over Bundy's right to graze his cattle on public lands. Media Matters accused Drudge of recklessly escalating tension between the Bureau of Land Managment (BLM) and Bundy and his supporters.

Some of Bundy's supporters are part of militia groups and they have been reported to have arrived armed and ready to shoot if necessary. Many in the nation were watching as the story unfolded concerned that the situation was quickly turning into a powder keg.

Drudge ignored the warnings of Media Matters columnist, Timothy Johnson, that lining up on the side of Bundy was to line up on the right-wing side of dangerous, revolutionary rhetoric. The Drudge Report continued to publish links to updates on the story.

It appears the Drudge Report's relentless hype of the story of the conflict between the rancher and the federal government has been vindicated. ABC news has announced, "Nevada Cattle Rancher Wins 'Range War' With Feds."

Last night, a banner headline, "Breaking: Senator Harry Reid behind land grab of Bundy Ranch," was posted on the Drudge Report and soon after, the story went viral to become the most read article on the web. Following the Drudge Report link to the Inforwars article, was information which connected Senator Harry Reid, Reid's son, and the communist Chinese government to BLM's effort to clear Bundy's land off the public lands. The startling conclusion was that Bundy's cattle needed to go in order to pave the way for solar plants to produce green energy.

Today, InfoWars authors, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones, gave grateful thanks "to syndication by news powerhouse the Drudge Report" for being instrumental in getting their story out online. Watson and Alex noted that the BLM backdown had occurred hours after their report implying that Harry Reid was behind the land grab, hiding under the shell of an environmentally protected tortoise for cover.

The InfoWars report adds that for now, the BLM is packing up and going home, citing concerns about safety. BML also is said to have brokered a deal with Bundy to share the proceeds of any sale of his cattle already impounded.

The overnight decision that the BML would cease in their efforts against Bundy is considered by many to be a victory against out-of-control government and a victory for Matt Drudge, the Drudge Report and all independent news sources. However, the Drudge Report shouldn't expect a "high-five" from Media Matters.

Currently, their accusations that Drudge is guilty of reckless hype in covering the Bundy story are still being hyped on Twitter. Whether Drudge is a hero or a villain may be according to which side of the political fence one hangs their idealogical legs.

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