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Netflix scam: Fake Netflix login page give scammers access to your computer

Netflix phishing scam
Netflix phishing scam
Jérôme Segura, Malwarebytes Unpacked

A Netflix phishing scam may lead unsuspecting customers to install phishing software that allows scammers access to user's computers and personal information.

Jérôme Segura of Malwarebytes Unpacked told the Huffington Post on Feb. 28, 2014 that users should be aware that a fake Netflix site has been discovered online. Some customers have received the phony information through phishing emails and other click on the phony Netflix pop-up ads.

The fake webpage modeled looks similar to the normal Netflix login page, but when a customer enters their login information, the site claims that the user's account has been "suspended due to unusual activity." The URL to the page is not, the first clue that something is amiss.

The Huffington Post states that a customer service number is provided to those who fall victim to this online scam. If a customer calls in, a phony Netflix rep will suggest a software download to remedy the problem and ask for copies of the customer's of photo IDs or credit cards.

There is trouble in store for customers who follow through and downloads the "Netflix support software." They won't get any support. Instead, customers will install a remote login that allows scammers access to the customer's computer.

There are many phishing scams online, so it is important to be aware of ads and emails that may not be the real deal. If you have questions about the Netflix scam, call the real customer service number: 1-866-579-7172.

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