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NeriumAD Age-Defying Day and Night creams not for sensitive skin--a review

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Recently I was presented the opportunity to Nerium, the new skin care product that has created a great deal of hype and buzz. After inquiring if the products were safe for sensitive skin and being assured they were, I agreed to test the two products for five days as well as take a before and after picture.

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Full-Sized Samples

Two 30 ml bottles arrived in the mail--a full-sized bottle of both the NeriumAD Age-Defying Day Cream and of the Age-Defying Treatment for night use. The company certainly does not skimp on samples.

Nerium Day Cream

The day cream is light in color and scent, applies easily and is pleasant to use. It didn't seem to have a fragrance. I applied my four pumps every morning after cleansing.

Nerium Night Night Cream

At night after washing my face, I followed up with four pumps of the Age-Defying night treatment. The light brown night treatment has a much thicker consistency, like a facial mask, as well as a mildly cloying scent. It is a bit more difficult to apply as it does not glide as easily, but there is no great difficulty in smoothing it out. The rep said the skin could be left damp before applying the night cream to make it easier to apply. The night treatment draws up and tightens as it dries, much a facial mask does.

Redness & Pimples

By day three when the rep checked on me, I told her I was starting to develop facial redness and blemishes. She said the pimples meant the treatment was working and drawing the impurities out. In fact, blemishes and pimples are not formed when impurities are drawn out of the skin -- pimples are caused by irritants, clogged pores and bacteria. This speaks to a problem noted on a couple of other sites -- the sales reps do not appear to be well trained in the science of how the products or the ingredients actually work.

Does It Tighten Skin or Just Tighten On the Skin?

She asked if I could feel my skin tightening at night. The thick night cream was drying and drawing up like a mask on top of my skin, but I could not see any proof that it was actually making my skin tighten up. In all fairness, five days is too short a time period to use the product to see any long-term results, but it was the initial trial period my rep recommended. Due to the next issue, five days was all I was willing to try it

Inflammation of Sensitive Skin

By day five, my sensitive skin had become inflamed with the worst rosacea flareup I have experienced in several years including some painful pimples, so I won't be using Nerium anymore. There is some debate about Nerium's safety, especially in regards to skin inflammation, and my sensitive skin was definitely inflamed by day 5. I would not recommend Nerium for sensitive skin and would suggest caution even with normal skin.

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