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NationBuilder: Interesting alternative to WordPress sites

Organize your community online with NationBuilder.
Organize your community online with NationBuilder.

I’m a big fan of WordPress sites and blogs because of the control non-tech people can have over their own sites. No waiting for someone in another country to add a page!

Yet I admit I was impressed by a NationBuilder presentation. (The company’s tagline is: The world's first Community Organizing System.)

The presentation, sponsored by, and, took place at Huge in Los Angeles.

The panel was moderated by Alissa Walker, Design Writer and Urbanism Editor at Gizmodo, and featured Jesse Haff, VP of Design and Co-founder at NationBuilder, and Ben Handzo, Product Director at NationBuilder.

What impressed me most about the capabilities of NationBuilder was the opportunity to know a lot about people in your database as well as not having to get your own email service provider and being able to export all your data.

For example, the description for the People feature is: Dynamic profiles of all your people, with info captured from anywhere. Includes follow-ups & targeting.

The NationBuilder monthly pricing increases as you expand your website community in terms of people in your database and people on your email list. But the pricing to start with is very reasonable.

While anyone could use this innovative website platform, it may be best suited for people who want to create active communities around their website whether for political causes or other reasons.

Learn more at (this is not an affiliate link).

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