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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 2014: Celebrate an American classic

Who doesn't love ice cream sandwich?
Who doesn't love ice cream sandwich?

Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! Ice Cream Sandwich Day is celebrated every year on August 2 and is always a hit with the kids. The history of the ice cream sandwich dates back to the 18th century Charlottes when it is believed rich sweet cream and biscuits were combined for a dessert treat - and of course from there on the rest is history!

According to a Parade report on August 1, ice cream sandwiches have come a long way since since the 1970's. Compared to when they first hit the scene at grocery stores and ice cream shops, these frozen treats now come in all different designs, sizes and flavors - and their popularity is growing quickly. The basis of the ice cream sandwich is simple, after all it is just like any regular sandwich except the filling is made of ice cream.

The original or classic sandwich features vanilla ice cream in the center protected by two thin layers that resemble chocolate cake on the outside.

Nowadays, these kid-favorite treats come in hundreds of sizes and flavors. From the classic original sandwich to the ever popular chipwich, flavors now range from S'Mores, chocolate chip, peach, cherry and Pumpkin Mascarpone. Other countries outside the U.S. like to put their own native twist on the classic treat.

For example, in Singapore some of the most popular flavors are red bean, yam, and honeydew. Now that is really a twist.

No matter what your favorite flavor is make sure you head to the grocery store or track down the ice cream truck and have one today!