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National Guardsman kills two in Utah with gun

Two Utah residents killed by National Guardsman
Two Utah residents killed by National Guardsman

The gun shots rang out Monday morning just after midnight, as Jared Tolman, a member of the support battalion for the 19th Special Forces Unit of the National Guard, supposedly kicked down a Logan, Utah door and fired multiple times at two people he knew inside the apartment. Both victims were under the age of 26.

When the police officers arrived on the scene after a 911 call, police discovered Mackenzie Madden and Jonathan Sadler dead in the apartment. During investigations Logan police said Madden, a social and psych major, had worked as an intern with police in 2013, and had conducted research on “active shooter situations.”

According to The Republic of Indiana, police reports indicate the shooter knew both victims. Police, however, did not confirm any specific reasons for the shootings. Shortly after Tolman fled the scene, he took his own life.

Police reports do state that text messages were found on Madden’s phone between her and Tolman, just before the gun violence took place. However, the messages have not been released. Just as police at the victims' apartment began their investigation, another 911 call came through just before 1 a.m., about gunfire heard inside a home. Police then found the shooter had taken his own life, but this wasn’t the gunman’s home, it was his friend's house, who had placed the 911 call.

Further reports indicate that the two victims and the shooter had died with similar gunshots, and that they were not from a National Guard issued gun. It’s unclear at this time if the gun used in this Utah gun rampage was registered to Tolman.

Just last week Utah experienced a shooting rampage that killed six family members, with only a 15-year-old daughter surviving after an ex-family uncle had kicked in their family's door and immediately starting shooting.

A spokesman for the Guard said Tolman did not have a past record for disciplinary actions.

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