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National fast food worker strike going global: Worker movement protest wages

Major fast food chains including McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and KFC in at least 150 cities throughout the United States will be participating in a strike by the workers in the fast food industry on May 15. This one day protest reported yesterday according to CNN Money is happening because workers are demanding higher wages, the minimum is so low many have to choose to feed their families or pay other bills because their salaries can’t handle both and they aren’t getting the respect or worker’s rights either.

Fast food chains to strike on May 15
Hali Goldman

Some of the areas that will be affected by the strike are the cities of New York City, Miami, Orlando, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and Memphis. The wage protest has also been joined by cities in thirty-three other countries where these fast food chains are also located.

The workers are demanding a wage increase so they could receive $15 an hour. Currently President Barack Obama is pushing the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour to $10.10 per hour through Congress and the request has hit some resistance from the Republican House of Representatives.

Many of these chains are employed by franchises which hinder the workers ability to form and register a true union. This one day strike and protest event has been in the planning for more than a year already. The strike is set to commence next week on May 15 in hope to be heard, see an impact on their earnings which in return will also lower the turnover rate in the fast food industry too.

With the fast food workers striking on May 15 many restaurant stores will surely lose a lot of profits since their work force will be protesting for higher wages. Those who frequent these establishments may find long lines with very few employees working or many closed due to the strike.

The minimum wage is really low and impossible to feed, house and clothe a family on such a salary. Let’s all hope that they will be heard and that Congress will realize the rates they set is not an income everyone can live with to survive without increasing personal debt just to get by with normal everyday expenses.

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