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NASCAR The Game: Inside Line releases 2013 DLC

Foregoing a yearly release, Eutechnyx and Activision get ahead of the wagon by releasing the 2013 cars and paint scheme for downloadable purchase for NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. For 2013, NASCAR introduced the next generation automobiles they will be using called the Gen 6 cars. Closely mimicking the cars that come off the showroom, the actual racing season has been much improved because of this car.

Gen 6 Car

Along with the cars and paint schemes come the new highlight packs. Each week following the race, using the telemetry data for that race, you can purchase the packs using the in-game ticketing system. You will purchase the tickets via the PSN Store or Xbox Live. The 10 ticket pack will cost you $0.99, the 50 will be $4.99, and lastly a 120 ticket pack is $9.99. If you want access to all of this, the season pass is $24.99. Comparing past sports games that cost $60 and offered less of an upgrade, if you're a fan of the game, it's worth it to fork out $24.99 for this.

As for the highlight packs, every weekend is available but Bristol. Any track that doesn't use telemetry will not have the highlight packs. These highlight packs will give you three different scenarios to replicate. Whether it's lead a race for 5 laps with no tires, or try and take back the lead in a time limit, there's a good amount of variety. These highlights mimick actual events during that race. The only issue is that you cannot adjust any driver assists. There is a predetermined setup and you have to work with what it gives you, and it's tough. Honestly, I could not beat anything at Phoenix.

Are there any enhancements to the gameplay? No. This is strictly new content to help give life to this game. So if you did not enjoy the original version for the issues it's had, then I cannot recommend this. The Gen 6 cars do look magnificent in the game, but you cannot use them during a season or career, either. You can, however, take them online, along with exhibition and the highlights. If you're a regular, it's definitely worth checking out.


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