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Nana's Wooden Spoon

Nana's Wooden Spoon by Monica C. Holland
Music by P. Diddy

This weekend was more difficult than I had imagined. My family celebrated Zaair's birthday without him. But God is good. The Lord nor Zaair's memory would allow me to go to bed crying another night.

More than anyone else in the world, Zaair could make me laugh. Once we were visiting a friend in south jersey when he was about 4 years old (His daughter Avyanna is just like him). Zaair was laying on the floor watching television when I told to him that it was time to leave. He did not move. He said, "I got a headache". I said, "Come on Zi, I'll get you some medicine, but we have to go". He looked at me and said very slowly, "I said, I got a headache". I then told him, "Okay, I am going to get my wooden spoon to heal your headache". He jumped up and said, "I'm healed, I'm healed, hallelujah".

Just last year he told me about his Nana's wooden spoon. He said, "Aunt Mo you just threatened with the wooden spoon. Nana did not make threats. My Nana would be stirring lemonade one minute and whooping your behind the next minute. She would then rinse the spoon off and go back to stirring and make the best the lemonade in world!

Happy Birthday, Zaair. If I live a thousand years, I'll be missing you...

Monica C. Holland
Author, Bible Teacher, Talk Show Host
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