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N.J. threatens to seize, place boy for adoption for twirling pencil 'like a gun'

New Jersey threatens to seize boy and place for adoption for twirling a pencil.
New Jersey threatens to seize boy and place for adoption for twirling a pencil.
Mark Weiss/Getty Images

Citing a report at Truth Revolt, Twitchy said Tuesday that a 13-year-old New Jersey boy was forced to undergo psychological testing for twirling a pencil like a gun. But the situation has gotten worse, and now the state is threatening to take the boy from his family and place him for adoption, Truth Revolt said.

Ethan Chaplin was suspended and subjected to a five-hour battery of physical and psychological tests after a bully yelled out “he’s making gun motions, send him to juvie.” Chaplin was twirling a pencil in class. According to Fox2, blood and urine samples were also taken to determine why the boy was twirling a pencil.

The tests showed Chaplin to be normal and the school backed off, allowing the boy back in. But the state isn't finished and has threatened to strip the parents of their rights and place the boy up for adoption.

New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families has decided that Ethan needs more testing to determine why he was twirling a pencil, and the boy's father, Michael, got on their bad side when he initially refused to have his son tested. Michael changed his mind after receiving an ominous letter from the department calling his action “an incident of abuse or neglect.”

Apparently, the state didn't like the results of the previous tests and wants more. This time, if Michael doesn't subject his son to testing, the department says it will seize the boy and place him for adoption.

Chaplin sent a letter to Gov. Chris Christie, but the governor simply forwarded it to the department.

“I’m absolutely scared,” Chaplin said, according to a post at Libertarian Republic. “They have a habit of running away with things, unchecked. And that’s exactly what’s going on – they are operating unchecked.”

“All I can do is keep fighting, keep telling the truth and (keep) presenting the evidence. That is all I can do and hopefully the state does the right thing,” he added.

News of the state's threat shocked a number of people on Twitter, Twitchy said.

"This nonsense needs to stop," one person said.

"WOW. Just wow," added radio talk show host Dana Loesch, who called the state's actions "child abuse." She also said Christie should step in and personally stop the department from ripping a family apart over a pencil.

The DCF has so far refused to respond to requests for comments. Fox said they were told the agency "can’t discuss the allegations or even acknowledge they have involvement with the family."

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