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Myrtle Beach police seek suspect in Target gun case

BOLO for David Dennis
Myrtle Beach Police Department

Myrtle Beach police have identified a suspect in the case of a handgun found on a shelf in an area Target store. They are attempting to locate David Dennis in connection with that incident, a BOLO (Be On Lookout) advisory released to the media Thursday states.

“The Myrtle Beach Police Department is attempting to locate David Dennis who is wanted for Unlawfully Carrying of a Handgun in reference to an incident at Target in Myrtle Beach,” the advisory reports. “During the incident, a loaded handgun was found hidden in the toy section of the store. Please contact the Myrtle Beach Police Department if you see Dennis or know of his whereabouts.”

Reports of the gun being found renewed heated words between both factions of the “gun control” debate, with anti-gun groups using it to pressure Target to ban lawfully-carried guns from its facilities. Countering that were allegations that the gun was a plant to facilitate a corporate ban, followed by a petition, started by nationally-syndicated “Gun Talk” radio host Tom Gresham, where gun owners can ask the retailer not to change its policies of abiding by state laws.

Today’s development with Dennis makes it appear to be a criminal act unrelated to larger goals, although that will not be determined until he is apprehended. It also makes it clear that lawful gun owners cannot be rationally held responsible for his alleged actions.

Previous reports specified an unknown person of interest caught on store security cameras. While some have speculated that Target cameras must have recorded the placement of the gun, the specific charge would indicate that illegal carrying has been confirmed, the suspect has been identified, and his lack of either a concealed carry permit or his ineligibility to possess a handgun have been substantiated.

Still unknown at this writing are the whereabouts of Chavonne Tere Moore, reported earlier as the last known legal owner of the Hi-Point 9mm handgun. No further information has been forthcoming from news outlets almost a week after it was reported police were seeking to speak with her.

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