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Myth and Moonshine – serious drinks and Louisiana fare

My only run in with grain alcohol was at a frat party at the University of Maryland circa so far back you won’t believe I’m that old. It was grain alcohol mixed with punch and served from a trash can. The after effect, i.e. hangover, was not pretty. I remember working the breakfast shift at my part-time job at the drug store fountain the next day. Someone ordered an egg over easy and I said we were out of them but they could have a scrambled egg…it was that bad.

Baltimore's Myth and Moonshine-serious drinks & Louisiana fare. House blended moonshine.
Baltimore's Myth and Moonshine-serious drinks & Louisiana fare. House blended moonshine.
photographs by Dara Bunjon© & signage courtesy of Myth and Moonshine
Myth and Moonshine - serious drinks and Louisiana fare
photographs by Dara Bunjon©

Moonshine has come a long way since then, first and foremost, Tennessee, Nebraska and Kansas have legalized moonshine production and there are a handful of brands available. Most can be tasted at the Canton pub Myth and Moonshine. There are unflavored moonshines (i.e. Midnight Moon Corn, Shine XXX White Whiskey )or flavored (i. e. Midnight Moon Blueberry, Ole Smoky Peach or Shine XXX Libertea) - all and all approximately 70 plus moonshines. The combinations are a mixologist’s dream . My favorite was the straight up shot of the Ole Smoky Peach.

I was a guest of Myth and Moonshine at a recent media event geared to introduce all that is new at this year old pub/bar on Boston Street. We were treated to shots and cocktails made with the vast array of moonshines by owners Shana Cooper and Jake Millisock. Needless to say, we were a very happy group at the end of the evening. None of us walked out needing assistance, we were good to go after eating numerous plates of Louisiana and Maryland inspired appetizers and entrees.

Myth and Moonshine is broken up into a couple spaces. Initially the front area is the main bar displaying the numerous moonshines and tables. You can move to the back room with the brick fireplace for a cozier atmosphere. They have a large space upstairs that will host their loaded potato bar come February. Also new in February, they are opening for lunch six days a week along with their established brunch on Saturday and Sunday. They also have a 7 day carry out liquor license and live music two nights a week.

Myth and Moonshine is focused on being a fun, casual bar where in the vernacular of Cheers, "everyone knows your name." Don’t get me wrong, there are some serious food options. Myth and Moonshine has a diverse selection of edibles from deviled eggs; Cajun style or with crawdads on top. What I call bar food and easily shared we tasted the mushroom Manchego toasts, sweet potato fries, and blackened crab dip.

The night we were there our group enjoyed the Guinness Cheddar Burger, Winter Jack Ribs and Pepper Crusted Salmon from their weekly special list. Check out the slideshow for other dishes and cocktails enjoyed that evening.

Myth & Moonshine
2300 Boston St
Baltimore, MD 21224
(410) 327-6455
Twitter: @BMoreShine

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