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Mysterious monster-like creature spotted in Oklahoma

A strange monster-like creature is spotted
A strange monster-like creature is spotted

A post on Reddit is getting a lot of attention today. Someone from New Jersey posted a photo of a strange monster-like looking creature climbing along a fence. A few readers are wondering what the unidentified animal is and some even think that it might be a Jersey Devil.

Reddit user Diabolicism posted the image Wednesday evening under the headline "what the hell is this animal!? (Spotted in NJ)". Within hours there were over 600 comments on the post with other Reddit users also wondering what the creature was. No one seemed to know.

Some people suggested that the creature could be a gargoyle, an El Chupacabra, or a relative of the Montauk Monster.

According to reporter Jessica Beyms, of the South Jersey Times, the photo doesn't originate from New Jersey. The image was taken in Oklahoma and first posted on May 6 on the Wild Care Oklahoma Facebook page.

Questions were answered when the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation supplied another clear image of the creature that showed a view of the animal from the front. Evidently the creature is nothing more than a hairless squirrel.

"She's a squirrel, she lives in a ball of mulch in my garden shed (or at least she did this winter). Now all she seems to be interested in is burying pecans in my garden!" Ed Brookshire posted on the Wild Care Oklahoma Facebook page.

"Years ago we didn't see much wildlife with this genetic deficiency for no hair but it is more common now. We have seen it in squirrels, opossums, and rabbits. It is interesting that this adult is alive in the wild." A WCO representative said.

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