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Muslim terrorists threaten Christians with genocide in Iraq

Muslim terrorists issued an alert to Iraq’s shrinking Christian worshipers stating that they must become practitioners of Sunni Islam or pay a Christian tax-surcharge to continue living in their homes, or they will face death sentences, according to reports on Tuesday.

Syrians witnessed the cruelty and brutality of the "religion of peace" up close.
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The announcement from the brutal and bloodthirsty Islamic State of Iraq and Syria said Christians who wish to stay in the new caliphate -- that straddles the Iraq-Syria border that was declared this month -- must agree to a “dhimma” contract.

In Shariah, the dhimma is the contract between the Muslim and Christians or Jews. The dhimma allows Judeo-Christian believers to live in relative peace within Muslim society provided they make payments of a jizya, a type of poll tax.

The announcement said that new Islamic State's leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, also called Caliph Ibrahim, had set a deadline for Christians who did not want to stay and live under those terms to “leave the borders of the Islamic Caliphate”.

The deadline was Saturday, July 19. After that, the infidels would "face the sword" which would begin a de facto wave of genocidal killings.

Under the late dictator, Saddam Hussein, Mosul was once a peaceful city with a number people practicing different faiths. Under Hussein, the Christians numbered about 100,000. However, attacks on Christians began to increase during the U.S.-led invasion to topple Saddam Hussein.

Christians in Syria haven't fared much better when faced with the Islamist State. An Examiner news story on April 30 described the crucifixion of Syrian Christians by the Muslim terrorists:

" the Syrian city of Raqqa... the group, formerly called al-Qaida in Iraq, but now calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and the Syria, the ISIS claimed those crucified were enemies, many believe those killed were actually rebels at war with the Syrian government of President Bashir al-Assad.

"Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently, an organization that took photographs of the executions, has posted them on its Facebook page, and they are now being circulated on the Internet."

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