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Music magic with Duncan Morley


  Duncan Morley at the Izzy Gold recording studio in NYC

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A short time ago, I began a series of articles whose chief focus was placed on identifying the budding careers of musical artists across the North Shore and Boston.

Continuing with my series of articles on the up and coming, I am now pleased to present a recent sitdown I had with Duncan Morley. A relative newcomer to the professional music scene, his music glorifies the youth movement currently sweeping radio stations and record labels alike.

With no further introduction necessary, I present to you Duncan Morley of Izzy Gold Records.


1. What drove you to the music and entertainment business?

As cliche as it sounds, I’d have to say that I just followed my heart. I was going to college, just finishing up my junior year, when I decided to take a leave of absence to pursue my music career. I’ve always believed if you want something in life, than you should reach out and grab it. So I did and here I am. I hope that I can be an example and inspire others to do the same.


2. Had it not been for the sudden splash into music, in what direction would your life be right now?

If I wasn’t pursuing my music career, I would most likely be finishing up my last year of college at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I’d end up graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. Then I’d probably wind up working some 9-5 job that I wouldn’t really enjoy.


3. Your sound combines several popular music styles including pop, R&B and hip-hop, among others; how did you develop this sort of music-kitchen wizardry?

I’ve always listened to a lot of different types of music and I’ve always enjoyed writing songs for a variety of genres. So I guess I just figured I’d combine as many styles as possible in my own music. I like to say it all came naturally, but it did take a lot of hard work and practice.


4. People often say great music comes when an artist and their producer are on the same page and meshing to form the perfect sound. Who's the guy behind the red curtain?

That’s true. I’ve worked with producers that I really haven’t connected with and the energy of the music just isn’t there. When an artist and producer are working in sync, that’s when the magic happens. I’m currently working on my album one of New York’s hottest new music producers, Chris Young a.k.a Izzy Gold. Izzy and I are definitely on the same page with the same vision, which makes everything much more productive. I swear sometimes he take the thoughts right out of my head and puts them into my music.


5. Fast forward two years, where would you like to be and how big is your music? Does working for a brighter future fuel your present life?

Well hopefully by then, I’ve gotten at least one song to be top ten on the billboard. I’d like to still be touring and recording new albums in a couple years. Working for a brighter future definitely affects my present life. I’m really happy with what I’m doing with my life and that’s what gives me the energy to chase my dream.


6. Random Question: It's 1 am and you've just left the bar, where do you satisfy those beer munchies?


I would probably stumble into Little Stevie’s Pizza. It’s located on Boylston Street in Boston if you ever want a slice of heaven. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for a piece. This pizza place gets so crowded that they actually had to hire a bouncer. I swear to god, all for pizza; apparently someone got stabbed over a slice before. It’s really that addicting, I’m always more than willing to risk my life for it.

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