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Murdered Atlantic City prostitute spent 5 weeks near Gilgo Beach

One of four Atlantic City murder victims and her estranged husband stayed near Gilgo Beach, Long Island just days before she was murdered and dumped in Atlantic City.

For five weeks murder victim Kim Raffo and her estranged husband High Auslander stayed on Long Island near the location where eight bodies have been found by the Suffolk County Police.

Raffo’s body was found behind the Golden Key Motel with the remains of three other prostitutes who had been laid out in a drainage ditch and facing Atlantic City in November 2006. She had been dead approximately three days, according to the Atlantic County Medical Examiner. She died of ligature strangulation with a cord or a rope.

Raffo and Auslander knew Long Island. They met each other as teens in Brooklyn, according to Auslander during his 2007 interviews with the media on the anniversary of Raffo’s murder.

During the time of the Long Island and Atlantic City murders Auslander was traveling up and down the east coast looking for work as a carpenter, he said.

Auslander gave interviews to the media a year after her murder. He told the media about their Long Island visit.

Auslander said that during 2005 his marriage to Raffo became unglued due to her having an affair with a cooking school classmate and using drugs. The couple lived in Florida. Despite having two children with Auslander, Raffo and her boyfriend moved to Atlantic City where she eventually took up prostitution to pay for her cocaine addiction, according to Auslander.

Auslander said he heard Raffo was in trouble and he picked her up in Atlantic City in Oct. 2006 and traveled to Long Island where they stayed for five weeks, he said.

According to Auslander, Raffo said she had some “unfinished business” in Atlantic City. They separated and planned to meet again the following week.

Raffo did not make that meeting.

Anyone with information about the murders in Atlantic City or Long Island is encouraged to contact the police or CrimeStoppers if you wish to remain anonymous.


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