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MSNBC's Chris Matthews falsely claims Ted Cruz wants insurrection

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Doing his bit to foment violence against Sen. Ted Cruz, MSNBC host Chris Matthews falsely claimed Monday the Texas Republican wants insurrection, Mediaite reported.

Matthews compared Cruz to Joe McCarthy and somehow got it in his head that Cruz is deciding who is a real American.

After guests Howard Fineman and David Corn did their bit to foment hate against Cruz, Matthews made his false claim.

“I think he’s calling for an insurrection here, a kind of political insurrection.” defines "insurrection" as "an act or instance of rising in revolt, rebellion, or resistance against civil authority or an established government."

Apparently, Matthews thinks that disagreeing with Obama is equivalent to rising in revolt against civil authorities.

Matthews, Mediaite said, doubted that Cruz would run for president in 2016, saying he probably wouldn't win and went after Cruz, impugning his motives.

“He just wants to be on the record as being anti-Barack Obama. I think he’s just got a body suit on, he’s pretending it’s all about protecting the harm caused by Obamacare, all those crocodile tears. He’s in there on an assault mission to put the dynamite under the tracks causing the trainwreck,” he said.

Matthews also claimed he could tell Cruz's real motivations by looking at Cruz's eyes.

"Are those the eyes of a guy looking out for regular people?" he asked.

On Friday, Newsbusters' Scott Whitlock said, Matthews used bizarre generalizations, claiming that conservatives aren't even Americans.

"They call themselves the American people, as if the majority that voted for President Obama are some invading force of others or a group of lesser Americans who should be credited with only three fifths of a vote, like they were before the Civil War and the 13th Amendment made them whole," he spewed.

As a result of rhetoric like this and messaging from the Democratic Party, Cruz has been subjected to online death threats that are under investigation by the FBI.

One would think Matthews would moderate his tone given the circumstances. But one would be wrong.

Given the increasingly shrill and hateful nature of Matthews' attacks, one cannot help but think the MSNBC talker wants someone to kill Ted Cruz.



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