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MSNBC's Chris Hayes calls Bundy ranch supporters 'insurgents'

MSNBC's Chris Hayes
MSNBC's Chris Hayes
Charles Ommanney/Getty Images

The propaganda effort to demonize anyone to the right of Josef Stalin continues, as MSNBC's Chris Hayes called supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy "insurgents," Paul Joseph Watson said at Infowars Tuesday. Hayes and his guests spent about 15 minutes in what was clearly a propaganda effort designed to marginalize Bundy supporters and certain alternate media outlets as fringe kooks.

In addition to calling Bundy supporters "insurgents," Watson said Hayes lamented "the threat posed to the establishment by an Alex Jones-Drudge-Fox News-Rand Paul 'axis' that threatens to rock the 2016 presidential race." Hayes also linked Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., to his "axis" for calling Bundy Ranch supporters "patriots."

As a result of heated rhetoric like that used by Hayes, liberals have begun calling for the Bundys and their supporters to be killed by the federal government. As we reported Tuesday, a number of angry leftists have demanded the feds destroy the ranch and kill everyone present with drones.

Is this what Hayes and his ilk ultimately want? It certainly seems so, given that the rhetoric appears to become more shrill and violent every day.

There is another problem with the terminology being used, as Examiner's David Codrea points out. Codrea notes that when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Bundy ranch supporters "domestic terrorists," he was using a legal term defined by U.S. code.

"It’s prosecutable," he explained. "Assets can be seized, including assets of supporters. Provisions of the Patriot Act could kick in, with all that implies. And felony convictions would certainly result in those found guilty becoming 'prohibited persons' under federal law from owning a gun."

Codrea wondered if that is what Reid had in mind when he called supporters "domestic terrorists," assuming that Obama would not use drones against them, perhaps mindful of the public relations nightmare that would follow such an attack. Ironically, Codrea added, Reid was once called a “true champion of the Second Amendment” by the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre.

Of course, when Hayes uses terms like "insurgents" to describe Bundy supporters, he too, is helping to spur the left wing hate machine in its ongoing "two minutes hate" against the Bundys, their supporters and anyone on the right. Hayes was not the only one to call Bundy supporters "insurgents," Watson said.

One of Hayes' guests, leftist author Michelle Goldberg, wasted no time calling Bundy ranch supporters "right wing insurgents." She went on to compare them to Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and accused them of plotting to take over the U.S. government.

"Last time I checked, they just wanted the feds to return Bundy’s cattle," Watson said.

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