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Movie 'Noah' resembles Transformers, but not Bible

Noah....prepares to enter ark with family.
Noah....prepares to enter ark with family.

The director of the movie Noah has created a film based on the Transformer movie series, but certainly not on anything he read in the Bible, according to Charisma News. If Noah was alive today, he would have a strong libel suit against the makers of this film who portrayed him as a deranged psychopath who threatens to kill his daughter-in-law's child when she gives birth. The real Noah who was written about in the Bible never tried to prevent the repopulation of the earth. In Genesis 9:1, one is told that Noah and his family were commissioned to replenish the earth. So we can disregard completely the contention Noah was a psychopath with murder in his heart.

The second major inaccuracy in this Hollywood medodrama is the claim Noah received help from Transformer-like creatures when he was building the ark. This movie's directors make the bizarre claim that angels God cast out of heaven after creation were trapped in rock. They then clumsily ambulated around like creatures from the recent Transformer series of movies. The Bible in 2 Peter 2:4 tells one that God cast disobedient angels into hell, not to earth. According to this Hollywood fabrication these giant Transformers were known as "watchers". They chopped down wood for Noah to build the ark and defend him from a vast army of people angered at being excluded. Since no creature has yet been reported to have escaped hell and return to the earth, the proposition that these fallen angels somehow found a secret exit from hell so they could help Noah and the humans build the ark is laughable. So we can forget about the contention that Transformers built and defended the ark.

A third major inaccuracy of this Transformer flick is that Noah was distant from God and saw through a dream a mysterious Creator who was bent upon destroying the world with a flood. Nothing could be further from the truth. The true version of what transpired is found at Genesis chapters 6-8. The theme of this passage is that God directly communicates with Noah. These communications may be found at Genesis 6:13; 7:1 and 8:15. Noah had a really close relationship with God. God communicated directly to Noah and Noah had a clear understanding of God's intentions.

Another laughable contention of this movie is that Noah had to visit his grandfather Methuselah who informs him about the catastrophe which is about to engulf them. In this director's version, Methuselah serves the ignorant Noah some dark tea which enabled him to listen to the Creator's voice. There is no passage in the Bible which says either Noah or anyone else in the world ever had to take a drug or a potion to receive a communication from God. The directors of this fantasy can read the Bible backward and forward, upside down and inside and out, and they will never be able to find a passage to support his contention.

In fact, one of the directors has been heard to boast that his creation is "the least biblical biblical film ever made."

Because he departed so far from the true script of the Bible, the director evidently had to eliminate several true characters for his work of fiction. This fictional account of what happened portrayed all three of Noah's sons as not having wives. The exact opposite was true. Genesis 6:18 refutes this fiction by saying to Noah, "You shall enter the and your sons and your wife, and your sons' wives with you."

In an attempt to put some juice into his plot since he drained the true excitement of the Bible from his dreamed up version, the director also creates out of thin air a stowaway who hid on the ark unknown to Noah. Once again, there is no mention anywhere in the Bible of a stowaway on the ark.

What is so puzzling about people like the ones who made Noah is, if they're interested in creating works of fiction, why do they have to misrepresent the Bible? Why pretend to base a movie on the Bible? Why don't they just write their own books instead of trying to use the fame of the Bible to sell tickets?

Anyone entering the theater to see this production might be puzzled as to whether this should be classified as a comedy, because of its incredible number of laughable mistakes or perhaps a fantasy based on the vivid imagination of the people who put this fiction together. Maybe it should just be listed as another Transformer movie. Fallen angels transformed into gigantic dirt clods.

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