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Move over for Martin County reefs

We all benefit from the creation of new artificial reefs in Martin County.
We all benefit from the creation of new artificial reefs in Martin County.

There are so many remarkable locations to dive in and around Florida. At the same time, saving coral reefs is a #1 priority so that every time a diver makes a descent to the ocean floor, they quickly become mesmerized by the maritime scenery that surrounds them.

One of the areas that continues to enlarge its Artificial Reef Program is some miles up the coast from the Florida Keys in Martin County. The preparation is well underway to give divers even more pleasurable reasons to visit this tranquil part of the wide Atlantic Ocean. This past Monday, July 28, 2014, over 3500 tons of concrete began the process of creation of new artificial reefs just south of the St. Lucie Inlet. In addition, Florida Power & Light has agreed to supply concrete poles which are needed as material that will assist in building up the actual reef structures.

With the support of the local community and its businesses, there have been over 90 artificial reefs created to date. Some of these reefs date back to the 1970's when a band of retirees and avid sportfishermen decided to embark upon the creation of self-sustaining marine habitats within the waters off of Martin County. Under the leadership of Bill Donaldson, this dedicated marine movement became known as the 'Reeftirees.'

Receiving its name, Treasure Coast, for the enticing historic stories of treasure located within these waters, there is also an abundance of gorgeous marine habitat which includes some shy turtles with claim to these waters as their homes.

Floridians should be proud knowing that at least half of our nation's human-made reefs are right in our backyards in the expanse of the bountiful blue Florida waters. This gives the state an advantage and an edge for being one of the pioneers for aquatic and environmental technology, which in turn, is the first and most important step to creating and preserving our outstanding reefs.

The more reefs that are created over time, the more governmental and research organization monitoring that takes place on a continual basis. Divers are the beneficiaries of all this valuable work in the end. At this time, we know of at least seven man-made reefs that are in the process of being created.

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