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Motorola Droid Pro the Blackberry killer for $64!

Motorola Droid Pro
Motorola Droid Pro

So if you have been following me you know about the specs on the Droid Pro and what makes it a business smartphone. The buzz has been increasing, so much so that Verizon is preparing for an epic launch similar to a Black Friday event. To get a real visual picture: think long lines, people crushing their Blackberries for lack of functionality and saying “Can you hear me now?” on their Droid Pros to their iPhone friends. (Hey we believe in Democracy and people being able to choose a lesser phone.)

They are calling an iconic device and therefore prior to the November 18th launch they are offering it via Pre Sales on November 9th. Androidcentral was great to provide snapshots. Check them out on the left. What makes this even more remarkable is that the phone will be $179 with a contract and rebate of course (and if you are lucky to have the new every two and/or trade in value) this might cost you $64.

Remember to check out the full specs at the link above.