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Mother speaks out about accusations she bullied her bully daughter on Facebook

There have been several photos of kids holding signs spelling out their wrong as punishment from their parents making the rounds on social media in the past couple of years. A new photo is receiving lots of discussion. Hot 107 Edmonton shared the anti-bullying photo on Facebook on Jan 5. They were one of tens of thousands of shares the photo has received.

Bully forced to sell iPod for social media bullying

The photo is of a somber blonde girl holding a sign. The sign explains that her name is Hailey and that she’s a smart, kind girl who makes bad choices on social media. Her parents are making her sell her iPod and donate the funds to the nonprofit Beat Bullying as punishment. The note ends with the message “bullying is wrong.”

Critics say the parents are hypocritical because posting this photo is a form of bullying their own child. Others say the punishment fits the crime.

The child’s mother, Cara Schneider, responded to the comments and accusations by explaining the photo was the latest discipline method in a long line of consequences, including grounding and manual labor, to teach Hailey that her online behavior is important. The photo was posted to Facebook yard sale site so the iPod could be sold. She had no intention of it going viral.

Ms. Schneider doesn’t regret posting the photo of her daughter. It’s important to her that she raise a productive member of society and she stands by her discipline decision.

What do you think of parents posting photos of their children outing their behavior problems on social media?

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