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Most expensive house in America sold in Connecticut

A buyer has come forward and purchased the most expensive single- family home in the United States, according to an April 17, 2014 Newsmax article.

The pricey piece of real estate, sold to Conservation Institute, LLC, is known as Copper Beech Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut. It sold for $120 million, a hefty sum, but still $70 million less than previous owner John Rudley’s asking price. The large, sprawling property contains 13,000 square feet and includes a carriage house, wine cellar, two swimming pools, and a tennis court. described the property as follows: "A 50-acre compound on the Greenwich waterfront with a pair of private islands, a driveway longer than most highway interchanges and a 19th century French Victorian mansion with as many bedrooms as there are days of Christmas hit the market Friday at an other-worldly $190 million." The website went on to say "Not only is the listing a record for Greenwich, where an 80-acre horse farm fetched $45 million in 2004, it is believed to be the most expensive listing in the entire United States."

Other properties in Connecticut have sold for tens of millions of dollars and prime real estate in other parts of the country have also fetched large sums of cash in recent years. Examples include a 90 acre ranch in Aspen, Colorado that sold in 2012 to John Paulson of hedge fund fame, for a price of $41 million. A few years earlier, in 2009, British personality Petra Ecclestone purchased a 123 room mansion previously owned by Candy Spelling for $85 million.

The previous record holder for most expensive single family home was a nine- acre Silicon valley property that sold in January, 2013 for $117.5 million. The highest price paid for a non- single family home was $132.5 million forked over for Broken O Ranch in Montana, sold in 2012.

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