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Most Americans believe that Obama's foreign policy is failing

"I have no sympathy for Hamas."
"I have no sympathy for Hamas."
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

It is pretty obvious that the United States isn’t succeeding on many, if any world fronts. What is the evidence to support that?

  1. Russia grabbed the Crimea, and made moves against the Ukraine with 20,000 crack troops on the border.
  2. Bashar al Assad is still President of Syria.
  3. We are about to leave Afghanistan and the Taliban can barely wait.
  4. Iraq is being overrun by ISIS.
  5. Iran is continuing a slow creep toward becoming a nuclear power.
  6. North Korea is still in place with on again and off again threats.
  7. There is a refugee crisis on the Texas border resulting from Central America foreign policy.
  8. Israel and Gaza blew up, and Secretary of State Kerry was ineffective.
  9. Who knows what China is up to?
  10. The Middle East is largely unstable.

What the President needs to do to address foreign policy performance is to convene a review that includes his critics. Call a conference to address each situation and to solicit feedback. Follow-up with actions either refuting or accepting criticism, soliciting more assistance to improve the situation as required.

  1. What will be done to contain Russia from interloping further into the Ukraine?
  2. What is our foreign policy with Syria?
  3. What is being done to reach out to Iranian dissidents?
  4. What is being done to assist the Kurds?
  5. What is being done to stop ISIS?
  6. What is being done to address America’s border crisis?

The Center of Disease Control has raised its status to Level 1, a top level emergency to attempt to stem the Ebola emergency in West Africa.

Here is the President with a news conference. His main theme is that he will act to address as much of the agenda as he can, and that includes closing loopholes in the tax schedule. He has authorized 33 billion to assist African nations.

He is weighing his options on immigration policy while Congress is on recess. The Russian situation is not resolved. Obama has no sympathy for Hamas.

Give Joe Biden good marks for reminding African leaders about the dangers of corruption.

“Vice President Joe Biden warned that corruption was a red light to progress in Africa. He called on African nations to improve the rule of law with better court systems, independent oversight of government departments and vetting of police and security officials.

"Corruption ... not only undermines but prevents the establishment of genuine democratic systems. It stifles economic growth and scares away investment. It siphons off resources that should be used to lift people out of poverty, and it weakens your military readiness," Biden told summit attendees. "It creates vulnerabilities to foreign manipulation and interference."”

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