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More winter weather is coming: Good news is that it may kill the stink bugs

The Polar Vortex may have killed out most of the hated stink bugs.
The Polar Vortex may have killed out most of the hated stink bugs.

Another round of cold, wintry weather is headed toward the Bristol area, according to a Feb. 25 report on Some light snow accumulation is expected for Tuesday night into Wednesday and again on Saturday with temperatures plunging 20 degrees below normal. After a long period of frigid weather from the system dubbed the "Polar Vortex," this is a most unwelcome weather forecast. There may be a silver lining to these dark clouds, however, because these Arctic temperatures have been determined to kill out stink bugs.

An article in the Washington Post discusses the discovery that stink bugs have a freezing point which was made in a somewhat accidental way by scientists at Virginia Tech. Stink bugs were collected from walls of buildings and stored in buckets of 100 for future studies. After the extended frigid temperatures, they found that 95% had frozen to death. explains that these brown stink bugs that seem to have taken over our area are native to Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea. They were first discovered in the United States in 1998.

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